To live a conscious life

Loving self

To live a conscious life is to wake up as if from a deep sleep. Everything that seemed normal now seems crazy. We realise that we were adding to the craziness by being attached to our thinking and reactions to the same provocations, in the same old way, and all the while nothing changes. We are no longer mindless, but are becoming mindful, of who we really are and our purpose(s) for being here. We are learning to live in the present moment, aware that everything else is all in the mind.

When we live consciously, we can choose whether or not to live according to generations of programmed conditioning, the need to conform to the norms and standards set by others. We stop blaming others and take full responsibility for how we think, feel and react to any given situation.

We gain clarity about what we really want and we are willing to follow our own unique path through life, no matter what the opinion of others may be.

We become authentic.

As we begin to live consciously, we are able to connect with our wise or soul self so that we may trust our instincts and believe in ourselves. We become conscious of our interaction with others and with our environment, and how we are all interconnected, for good or harm.

Living a conscious life isn’t an easy road to follow, at times it can feel incredibly lonely. On the way it is just too easy to doubt ourselves, and fall back into old habits of thinking and behaviour. This is especially so when we encounter the disbelievers who challenge our new way of thinking and being, the “Oh, you’re not still following that spiritual stuff are you?!” types.

There are times when we painfully fall apart, cast adrift from everything we thought was real. We no longer know who we are or our place in the world. It takes a great deal of courage and conviction to allow ourselves to go through the metamorphosis from living unconsciously to stepping into the light of consciousness.

If you are already in the process of choosing to live a conscious life, you may be assured that you are not alone. We are living in a time of great awakening as human beings reach a new level of consciousness. This is a vital time in humanity’s history: a crossroads where, if we choose to keep doing what we have always done, the outcome will probably be disastrous. Each and every one of us can grasp this opportunity to change our individual and collective future.

Excerpt from the Introduction to Carolyn's book: Live a Conscious Life