Carolyn Moody is a Live a Conscious Life Coach and Nutritionist. Her passions are truth seeking, health, and the wellbeing of mind, body, heart and soul.

She is author of two books: Nurturing Superwoman and Live a Conscious Life.

Carolyn trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London, qualifying as a Nutritionist in 1990. Since then she has helped thousands of people, both in Belgium and internationally, recover their health by making more balanced nutritional and lifestyle choices.

Fascinated by the link between mind, emotions and self-sabotaging habits around food, Carolyn decided to learn more about the psychology of eating. In 2004, she created and launched Body Balance, a weight management group programme that tackled WHY people ate, as well as WHAT they ate. The programme was based on the principle of integrated mind, body and emotional health, and helped participants break the dispiriting cycle of dieting and weight gain.

After Body Balance, Carolyn's path led her towards reconnecting to her soul self as a vital part of her own healing from burnout and adrenal fatigue syndrome. As she learned to live more consciously, releasing old programmed conditioning and anxiety from the past, her approach shifted towards helping others through her newly created Live a Conscious Life programme. At the heart of this approach is the principle of self-empowerment. Each person can learn to live confidently, fearlessly and authentically from a place of self-worth and self-belief. This is very liberating.

Through her coaching, teaching and writing, Carolyn's aim is to help people raise their own consciousness, to become mindful of who they are, and to reconnect their mind, body, heart (emotions) and soul. In the process, she helps them to listen to their own divine guidance and intuition.