The love of peace and quiet

My dad died earlier this year. At the beginning of May I was in the UK helping him celebrate his 93rd birthday. Two weeks later I returned for his funeral. It was a bit of shock. All the family came from different parts of England and the USA to say their goodbyes.

My brother, my sister and I had each written our own eulogies to celebrate our fondest memories of our dad. We had so many in common that we amalgamated them so that the three of us could stand together in the chapel and talk about our childhood memories.


Woman enjoying sunshineBeing a solar-powered battery

Thank goodness the sun and warmth came back to Belgium today. After days of rain and deep, grey cloud cover, we had a beautiful August day and a time to recharge my batteries.

I need the sun to feel energised and, well, just normal. I've always loved the sunshine, even as a young girl living in the UK and experiencing chilly summer's days that required a cardigan and coat over summer clothes.