Soul Connect Brussels

A 'spiritual docking station' for heart and soul nourishment with other kindred spirits

To all highly sensitive and old souls, empaths, lightworkers, the multi-sensory and healers of all kinds living in and around Brussels. If you resonate with any of these descriptions, then I know that at times you find it difficult, sometimes overwhelming, living in 3D world.

You experience life differently, tuning into energies and feelings that others don't seem to notice. You probably find it hard to let go, completely relax, and feel at peace in a fast-paced, left-brained, energy-sapping environment.

I have talked to many of you who are hungry for an actual place (as opposed to online) where you can go to talk about, and experience, the things that really matter to you. I hear that you are tired of feeling isolated, misunderstood and alone, surrounded by those who, while well-meaning, don't really 'get you'.

So I decided to set up Soul Connect Brussels as a meeting place, a 'spiritual docking station', where all sensitive souls can gather to connect, laugh, share, encourage each other, move energy, meditate, chant, sing and re-energise.

Where: Timesmore, 47 Blvd St. Michel, 1040 Brussels (near Montgomery)

When: Friday evenings twice a month

Time: 19.00 – 21.00


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